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Arthroscopy of the knee is one of the commonest orthopaedic procedures performed today. The surgery is carried out through two tiny incisions through which specially designed telescopes(called arthroscopes) and instruments can be passed into the cavity of the knee.

Common disorders of the knee such as tears of the cartilages can be treated by removing the torn portion of the cartridge or in some cases repairing the cartridge, using the specialised instruments

In some procedures, such as ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy is used to guide the positioning of the new ligament into the correct position.

After the procedure, small dressings can be applied to the wounds. A compression bandage or elastic stocking can be used to control swelling. In most cases, the patient is encouraged to walk as soon as they are able to after the operation.

Because the incisions are so small, post-operative pain is normally very easy to control and the vast majority of these procedures can be performed as day cases.  For further information see Arthroscopy FAQ


Arthroscopy FAQ

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