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Day surgery

Many of the procedures we perform can now be done as a day case, even if you have had a general anaesthetic.

This means that the patient can return home on the same day of surgery.

For the vast majority of patients, this is very desirable and has been shown to promote better recovery and rehabilitation. Changes in surgical technique and better pain management allow you to return to a more normal life quicker.

After your procedure, your consultant will check and explain to you what has been done. Once you have recovered, the nurses on the ward will check your condition and if all is well, will allow you to go home. they will check that you are able to eat and drink and walk safely before you can be discharged. You will be advised on what to expect and what to do in the unlikely event of any problems developing. It is usual to take some type of tablets medication for pain relief although this is not always required.

Ideally you should make sure that you have a definite follow-up arrangement, such as an outpatient appointment, before you leave the hospital. At your first follow-up appointment, your consultant can check that you have recovered and are making progress. He/she can also explain again what was found and what was done.

Some surgical procedures although very simple cannot be done on all patients as a day case. There are some strict requirements which have to be met, for example, you cannot be allowed to drive yourself home and therefore somebody will have to pick you up. Equally it is not advised for you to go home to stay on your own and most anaesthetists would suggest that you stay in if this is the case. Some medical conditions such as diabetes particularly where sugar control is difficult, may require you to stay on after your operation.

Resumption of normal activities such as work and driving should be discussed with your consultant before you go home. Visit the web pages on this site Procedures for further information regarding your particular operation.

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