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Managing your Insurance Cover

If you have private medical insurance you should:

Contact your insurance company or if on a work scheme, your companies insurance manager

Verify your cover is valid for your required treatment.

Clarify any excess that may be required.

Request the appropriate claim form and authorisation reference.

You will need to provide your insurer with details of your proposed treatment including the relevant hospital procedure code (E.g. W4210 - Knee Replacement) to obtain authorisation. Your Surgeon can usually give you this.

Complete the claim form and have it signed by your GP and/or consultant as appropriate

Insurance companies will ask for the following information, so have it handy when you contact them.

Your membership number

Your full name

Your date of birth

Your full address

The name of your GP

The name of your consultant

Proposed date of admission

The condition to which your treatment relates

The proposed surgical procedure (where applicable)

Anticipated length of hospital stay

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